1. Yawwwnnn… we were doing that 20 years ago when that road was still bumpy
    as fuck, and on regular boards. Now its smooth as fuck and the boards are
    custom made. And I have the scars to prove it!

  2. r u serious? that looked really dangerous, man! we ride motorcycles like
    this on these horrible indian roads swerving through traffic but THIS is
    insane, especially coz u guys don’t have brakes!!!!!!!!! and that was

  3. Smart guy, he drafted behind the truck so air wouldent slow him down,
    that’s how he went faster all if a sudden. Scary shit bro..wish I could do
    the same on my longboard

  4. I think so, think he has the same tattoo on his leg, he never wears
    leathers, and he´s on an evo..

  5. So a little update. Ya im still alive. I would do this hill again. To those
    who want to run me over and teach me a lesson, why dont you go do the same
    to some kid playing road hockey. Makes sense right? Shit was easy.

  6. it’s not illegal because this part of the highway is not designated a
    motorway it is part of the waikato expressway. The motorway ends quite
    sometime before this point on the Auckland side of the bombay hills

  7. So the main longboarder was Andrew? Just found his page if that is the
    case, a well traveled young bloke.

  8. Even if you did get caught, it would have been worth it, lol. We use to do
    ponga rd out the back of Papakura in the mid 80s, and never even thought of
    doin the bombay.

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