1. Where r them blogs,webs and all media sources that discredited her when she
    kicked The Elusive Chanteuse Show in Japan? Why not post these incredible
    performances now that she’s killin’ it live on stage once again?!


  2. Nobody wants to comment on the videos that are good!! Haterzzzz real lambs
    please unite for the Queen!!!!

  3. I think that Mariah really loved Nick, and I think she still does, I can
    tell by her song choices she sings. If you’ve been with someone and share
    children with them, there will always be some love there for them. I think
    Nick messed it up with his big mouth about his past lovers, why not just be
    happy with his WIFE at home? They try to make it look like it was her
    fault, but you never heard Mariah going on air talking about her past
    marriages or lovers, ijs…

  4. this such a great performance, her voice is so amazing and she is getting
    better everyday. i love yu so much mariah. forever

  5. That performance of All I Want for Xmas really made me believe her voice
    was gone.

    This performance brought back Mimi for me. <3

  6. She the qeeun and will always stay the queen ..haters can go f#$k

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