1. Im a proud Maori who lives in the most beautiful country in the world.

    He Maori ahau e noho nei I runga I tetehi o nga Waahi ataahua o te ao

  2. New Zealand is a bountiful place, I just can not comprehend how the current
    government thinks it’s OK to try and kill all non native animals spreading
    literally tons and tons of 1080 poison by helicopter, killing anything that
    has the misfortune of eating this slow acting poison. I’m sorry but people
    that have so little care for God’s creatures, native or not doesn’t need or
    deserve my family’s travel dollars.

  3. Kamate kamate koura koura hingiti kamata hururu huru , welcome to the
    islands of paradise..

  4. This is a paradise in the world and I’m happy to say now I’m in Nz.. North
    island and I have seen lot of places…

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